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(also First off - HUGE thanks to Yee Jee at Sepia River Studios for basically putting this together in 2 days!

Updates - be sure to check out "The Darryl Sittler Song" (mp3 download), written by myself and good friend Jeff Johnson to celebrate Darryl Sittler's 60th birthday. It was officially released today on AM 640 live from Wayne Gretzky's restaurant in Toronto. Think Stompin Tom meets Johnny Cash…Also - be sure to go to for the Maritime release. There you will find an interview, and a picture that I will surely be made fun of for years to come! You will also find this site to be a great combination of information and fun - covering everything maritimes. 

Over the next few weeks, I'll be working on co-writes with Jesse Wainwright (from State Of Shock), Colette Trudeau (former singer of Live On Release - be sure to vote for Colette - she has been nominated for best rock CD at the Aboriginal People's Choice Award -, Jeff Johnson, Jeff Dawson, Paul Girard, Flip and Aaron Ritchie to name a few.

Big Congratulations to Beyond The Fall for making it onto 99.3 The Fox Vancouver Seeds compilation. The song that won - "This Time Around (Ready To Go!)" was a co-write with myself and BTF singer Jason Wilkinson. I produced, engineered and mixed it here at Manicdown Productions, and it turned out amazing. Hopefully you got to see them blast the roof off the Commodore Ballroom at the Seeds Release. What a show! You can download the song here, or go and check the band out at their myspace page.

My teaching career is set to begin. I will be teaching a course in Music Production at PAVI Recording Institute in Vancouver beginning on Sept.23rd.

Come back often - Lots of updates to follow - TONS of new music coming covering MANY different styles. Be sure to follow us on Twitter too!

If you would like to submit material, contact me here - for instructions on submissions.

ManicDown Productions

is all about the song. The services provided are wide ranging, and aimed at song and artist development. Affordable recording rates, and unparalleled song development. Services provided: Song-writing / development, Producing, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Management, Licensing to TV and Movies. It costs less than you think to see your dreams realized.
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